In publication since 1989, DEW journal is monthly from India, circulated internationally, focusing on the energy, oil & gas, engineering, machine & tools, marine & shipping and HR & training. For details:








NrgEdge is the dedicated professional networking platform for the Energy, Oil & Gas industry.

NrgEdge was born as a response to the current Oil crisis, to enable the community to retain qualified and experienced members and enable current and new professionals to be engaged and maintain growth while awaiting market recovery, helping to bridge the ‘skills’ gap currently faced by the industry by creating a space for knowledge-sharing and upskilling with E Learning initiatives such as webinars, Virtual Reality-enabled courses and Q & A forums. Jobseekers are well-equipped to explore new opportunities in the NrgEdge Job Portal with the Career Passport, a professional resume designed to showcase capabilities and project achievements.

NrgEdge also helps companies build their awareness, elevate their corporate standing and streamline hiring processes through competencies-matching, allowing for a more efficient workflow where companies can easily filter and find skilled individuals that best match their requirements, and connect with current and potential employees.

From new graduates to experienced professionals and companies, NrgEdge provides a universal platform for current and potential members of the Energy, Oil & Gas industry to excel in their career. Come down and visit our booth at AOGC 2017 to learn more about NrgEdge, create your free personal account & Company Page, and try out our exciting new VR-learning modules!








PetroEdge is the leading provider of Oil and Gas training in Asia. Our specialist industry focus enables us to provide targeted and in-depth knowledge based training courses for pivotal Oil and Gas organizations from across the world. Our training platform consists of webinars, e-learning and classroom face to face teaching. We annually execute over 300 training courses from a variety of disciplines ranging from oil and gas engineering to business for technical professionals to business leaders. Our training hubs in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Brisbane allows us to reach out to learners from different regions across the Asia-pacific region. Over the decade we have also been involved in providing technical training consultancy, coaching, industrial site visits and technical documentation development. Our in-depth understanding and appreciation of the Oil and Gas industry allows us to align our capabilities to meet the business objectives of our clients beyond what other providers are able to. Our passion is to facilitate the development of a knowledge based industry that is ready and equipped to face future challenges. Our clients have to come rely on us to meet their respective knowledge and skills development requirements
over the years of service.








Upstream is the world’s leading oil and gas industry news and business intelligence source and is read by almost 40,000 influential executives across 104 countries weekly. The business philosophy is to generate and distribute quality independent news and insight on the global oil and gas industry. With an experienced team of 29 reporters located in 14 key locations around the world, Upstream can provide the unbiased, independent journalism that business leaders have come to depend on to fill their news and information needs. Upstream publish a weekly newspaper, a quarterly technology magazine and round-the-clock digital news coverage.


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